Lose weight using Hypnotherapy and NLP

It’s a fact that most diets do not work in the long term.

The reasons for this vary depending to some extent on the individual and the diet they’ve chosen. However, the following three reasons for failure seem to be cited by most people:

1. Lack of motivation – ‘It just seems like too much effort!’

2. Lack of will power – ‘I can’t help giving in to temptation!’

3. Self sabotage – ‘I do so well! And then sabotage myself!’

Very often people get stuck in loops of yoyo dieting, which is not only unhealthy, but can also result in putting on increasingly more weight.

If you choose to lose weight with Optimise Hypnotherapy and NLP, we will address the three main problem areas listed above using the following tools that will not only change the way you perceive food and eating, but will also empower you to be able to beat cravings and maintain motivation until the new way of eating that you will learn becomes second nature!

Strategies for Weight Loss

We will look at your life and eating habits in detail, and identify and implement changes in your routines and habits that will help to facilitate your new approach to eating.

NLP – We will also use powerful NLP techniques to increase your motivation and will power.

TFT – You will be taught how to use Thought Field Therapy to beat unwanted cravings!

Hypnotherapy – Will be used to gently help your mind to adjust to this new, healthier way of eating.

This approach to weight loss is holistic, in that it focuses on your whole approach to eating, with the weight loss following as the natural consequence of your new way of looking at food. It is therefore not a diet, but an approach to eating that will enable you to loose excess weight naturally and keep it off for good!

hypnotherapy for weight loss
hypnotherapy for weight loss

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