Last year out of the blue I encountered a number of unfortunate events which lead to me being diagnosed with reactive depression. I suffered from anxiety, sleep deprivation, low self esteem, regularly smoked cannabis, gained an eating disorder and generally couldn’t have felt any further from my original self.

Being the person I am I tried seeking help from all available sources to try and sort my life out. I went to see councillors, spoke to friends, relatives and doctors (who prescribed me with anti-depressants) but still I felt awful and things were getting worse.

A relative suggested that a hypnotist might be able to help and gave me Maria’s number. I wasn’t sure at first but I needed to try something to get myself back on my feet. Maria could tell on the phone I was in a bad way and offered to see me that very night (Christmas eve). I could not thank her enough for seeing me on such a night, I could tell she wanted to help.

After the first session I walked out with a smile on my face feeling great for the first time in 2 months. She did not swing a watch in front of my face and snap her fingers, just simply talked to me and ran through some simple exercises.

I saw Maria one more time after that session and it was clear how much I had changed from the last time I saw her. Since then I have come off my medication, have no anxiety problems, gained all my weight back and over a stone more (which I had wanted to do for years), sleep perfectly fine, have all my confidence back, play music/gigs constantly, going to university to study music, haven’t smoked any cannabis and generally feel even better than I did before the depression. Not only did Maria help me through a tough time she helped me improve my life, and I cannot thank her enough.


I contacted Maria to help conquer my gambling addiction. I must admit that I had very high expectations of the results I wanted to achieve. Maria put me at ease immediately, there was no form of judgement, just a desire to help.

After three sessions I must say I am truly staggered at the result, it is as off a switch has moved in my head and I no longer have or fear any compulsion for gambling. I have no real idea how Maria achieved this extraordinary feat but would just thank her for the time and patience that she invested in me. I wish I’d contacted her 10 years ago!


I spent one session with Maria Jordan, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, whom I contacted with a fear of heights.This has been quite an acute problem for me over the years and recently has caused me difficulties with my work as a part-time self-employed landscape gardener where occasionally I have to work off ladders to do tree work.

After one visit to Ms Jordan this phobia is now cured so I have confidence of being at height, whether it be at work or doing other things in my life, so she has helped me enormously and I’m very grateful indeed.

Andrew J Ball.

I went to see Maria because I’d been suffering from low mood and a lack of self–esteem for a couple of years. After just one two hour session I noticed a huge improvement in the way I thought about things, which has resulted in many positive changes in my life!! The way that I view difficult situations has totally changed for the better and I have noticed this in both my work and personal life. I will highly recommend you to anybody suffering with depression and self-esteem issues!

Mrs Setta Fifield.

Dear Maria,
I was very nervous about being hypnotised and did not know exactly what to expect, but you put me at ease straightway and explained the process clearly. I was amazed at the results! I now find giving presentations a pleasure instead of a nightmare and my boss can’t believe the change in me.

Thanks so much!

Mark B.

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